Your relationship with your pet is complicated, multifaceted, and sometimes overwhelming due to the sheer volume of energy that goes into caring for your pet. You might feel like you are taming Mother Nature, but in truth, there is no taming or subjugating nature.

But don’t worry, there are gadgets to help you co-operate and coexist with Mother Nature. Check out these 7 gadgets for pet lovers that will revolutionize your relationship with your best friend from a different pedigree!

1. Kei Tomlison Unisex Pet Carrier Hoodie

Kei Tomlison sweatshirt carry pet pocket

In any case, this unisex pet carrier is a fantastic item that every pet owner requires. This is one of the greatest methods to take your pet with you when you go out and about, whether you have a cat or a dog.

The pocket may give you the impression that you are pregnant with, well, your beloved pet. Which, you know, gives the words “dog mom” or “cat mom” a whole new meaning. Keeping your hands free, this is a great way to bring that four-legged member of your family along for the ride. Wherever that may be.

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2.  TOMSENN Dog Costumes

TOMSENN dog lion mane wig for pet

We know. You’re looking for a practical gadget for your pet this year (or ever). Halloween is just another annual event that will never be practical. Plus, it probably won’t matter that your pet is wearing a disguise or a wig because you’re not going to use them to commit a crime.

This wig will work all year round, so you don’t have to worry about waiting until next Halloween. It’s the perfect way to transform their appearance. It takes these kinds of things to really make them feel like royalty.

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3. Suck UK Cat Scratching Turntable Toy

Suck UK cat kitten toy scratching deck

If you’re a cat person and a music person, you’ll seldom see those two passions coupled quite like this. Plus, let’s face it, what cat wouldn’t want this? It’ll convert into hours of entertainment. Don’t let their demeanor fool you: they, too, want to have a lot of fun.

This mixing deck is made of cardboard and a scratching surface and has an unrivaled convenience of self-assembly. What’s more, this is an excellent solution to protect your cat from damaging your furniture and carpet. Before you know it, your favorite furry buddy will be your favorite DJ.

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4. Pooch Selfie Stick for Cell Phone

Pooch Selfie cellphone stick attachment

Nowadays, people like to document every part of their life. No one in the family is exempt to the scourge of selfies. This includes dogs. But getting your dog to sit still or even stare in the proper direction isn’t always simple. That is, unless you use this pooch selfie stick for your phone.

This device is squeezable and has a spring-loaded clip that allows it to attach to all phones and tablets with forward and rear facing cameras. It is made with a ball to attract your pup and get it to stare directly at the camera.

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5. Color Paw Fast-Drying Pet Nail Polish

Color Paw nail polish safe pet friendly

Now, this may seem a little over the top. And, just so we’re clear, I get it. That is not a hill I’m willing to die on. But, still, there are plenty of people out there who would simply love getting this pet nail polish to pimp their pups. And more power to them.

Water and chip resistant, this polish will provide long-lasting resplendence to your pup’s vibe. And, if you think your pup is deserving of this kind of ‘pawdicure,’ don’t be surprised when they start walking with their nose up in the air.

You have no one to blame but yourself. But I’d imagine you’d be more proud than anything if you’re considering this kind of thing.  

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6. Furhaven Pet Treat Launcher

Furhaven pet treat launcher toy for dogs

This pet treat launcher is an excellent tool for dispensing your pet’s most delectable snacks. Fill it with treats, and the spring-action trigger propels them more than 10 feet away. As a result, this is a wonderful way to combine exercise and, well, gluttony. Which I’m sure most of us can relate to on some level.

This treat launcher is lightweight, colorful, and comes with a wrist clasp, making it extremely convenient to travel. Doling out treats has never been this fun for you or your pet.

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7. Puff-N-Fluff Dog Dryer

puff n fluff dryer for dog

Now, whether you’re dealing with a dog fresh out of a bath or a dog that was exposed to torrential downpour—or whatever the case may be—this puff-n-fluff dog dryer is one of the most useful gadgets to have. This fantastic contraption, as seen on TV, reduces dog odor while also drying your dog.

Just keep your dog in the suit (though this won’t always be simple) and connect any blow-dryer to the tubes. It also appears to be a sumo outfit for puppies. Which, to be honest, is rather adorable.

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So there you have it! The most bizarre but all-around coolest gadgets for pet owners that will make cohabiting a house with them easier while also elevating your pet to the status of royalty. You can’t go wrong here, whether you’re doing it for yourself, your pet, your house, or all three! So do them both a favor and demonstrate who the more thoughtful and kind species is. It’s about time we got the credit we earned.