Let’s face it: While our advancement as a species has propelled us into territories our ancestors’ finger painting in caves could never imagine, it has also had a detrimental effect. It has rendered us maladapted to the natural world.

After all, our desire to separate ourselves from nature and control what was previously uncontrollable has inspired nearly every step of our collective progress. Still, we find ourselves venturing back out into Mother Nature’s unpredictable, unknown, and mercurial realm.

So, without further ado, here are 6 super weird but useful (and admittedly cool) gadgets to use outdoors so you can go toe-to-toe with Mother Nature. Or just so you can turn the world into your living room.

1. LifeStraw – Personal Water Filter for Hiking, Camping, Travel and Emergency

LifeStraw water filter product for outdoor activities

Should you find yourself out in the wild, you have to purify water yourself. You can’t just drink out of any spring or river or stream like they were naturally created water fountains.

But we’re creatures of convenience these days, and that’s what makes this LifeStraw so great. It requires no batteries, making it ideal for use in emergency scenarios. Its microfiltration membrane can filter contaminated water up to 1,000 liters and make it safe to drink. Survival and convenience have never been synthesized quite like this.

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2. Radiate Portable Campfire

Radiate lightweight campfire can for indoor and outdoor

Out in the wild, are you wondering how to start a fire? Don’t worry. We’ve got an ace up our sleeve.

Featured on Season 9 of ABC’s Shark Tank, this portable campfire is easy to light and transport. And, best of all, it’s infused with all-natural Eucalyptus oil, so it emits a soothing scent. This could assist with nerves when exchanging campfire stories. Reusable and reliable, this contraption provides over 3 hours of burn time. Survival’s never been this simple (and it’s never smelled this good).

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3. SitGo Portable Seat

SitGo adjustable chair for outdoor events

Whether you’re grabbing a coffee, out in the wild, or even at an amusement, when you need to take a load off, this bad boy is there for you. There’s nothing more modern than turning everywhere into your living room.

Collapsible and easy to transport, you can even adjust the length of the stand so it’s the perfect height. Quick and easy to expand and retract, the cushioned silicon non-slip sitting surface and rubber non-slip foot will keep you stable and safe. So standing and waiting will finally be a thing of the past.

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4. Coghlan’s Bug Pants

Coghlan’s mosquito repellent pants anti insect

Anyone who’s been bitten half-to-death by swarms of mosquitos will appreciate these ultra-fine, translucent Coghlan’s Bug Pants with drawstrings and cuffs. The best armor against mosquitos, bees, and ticks. Lightweight, breathable, and polyester—anyone ventures out into the wildness needs a pair of these.

And if you’re worried about looking silly and being laughed at, just know you’ll get the last laugh when you’re not the one with legs dotted by mosquito bites. Don’t let your pride be your downfall.

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5. Mosquito Bite Relief Device

Mosquito bite anti-itch stick

Now, imagine you were without those aforementioned rad pants, and becoming a veritable buffet for all those mosquitos to feast on, and you had itchy bites that you can’t help scratching. Maybe you think there’s no way out. But it’s not too late.

This one-click mosquito bite relief device is nothing short of alchemy. Basically, this apparatus produces a spark, which destroys the proteins from the mosquito venom. It’s worth mentioning that this works for all kinds of bites, not only mosquitos. This is bare-bones relief like you’ve never known.

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6. Umbrella Hat

New-Vi headwear umbrella cap for sun and rain

Survival isn’t supposed to be pretty, functionality comes before all else. Whether you’re camping, hiking, on the beach, or hunting, this Umbrella Hat is sure to come in handy.

This waterproof hat is so much more. Anti-UV features keep you cooler and keep the sun off your head. As easy to open and close as any standard umbrella, this Umbrella Hat may not be the most fashionable, but, dammit, it’ll keep the sun from scorching you and rain from drenching you. And that’s all that truly matters.

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So there you have it! The weirdest, coolest, all-around greatest gadgets and tools to bring some of the modern convenience you’ve grown so fond of in the civilized world with you into the wild. Now the ball’s in your court, Mother Nature. But I think we have this one in the bag. I guess the only thing left to say is: checkmate.