8 Freaky Gadgets for Pet Lovers

Whether or not you want to admit it, it’s incontestable:

While you may love and adore your pet, that doesn’t mean that you couldn’t use any help. And what is progress and innovation if not help we gift ourselves? That’s why every pet lover should rejoice for the new gadgets and implements at their disposal!

Your relationship with your pet is probably like any other relationship. It’s complicated. It’s multifaceted. And, if you ever find yourself overwhelmed by the sheer volume of energy that goes into caring for your pet, then you’re in luck!

Because, while owning a pet may feel like taming Mother Nature, the truth is there’s truly no taming or subjugating nature. All you can really hope to do is co-operate and coexist with it. But, with these gadgets, that may change.

So, without further ado, here are 8 freaky gadgets for pet lovers that will revolutionize your relationship with your family from a different pedigree!

List of 8 Freaky Gadgets for Pet Lovers

TaoTronics TT-FL002 Black Light, 51 LEDs Uv Blacklight Flashlights Detector for Dry Pets Urine & Stains & Bed Bug with Free Uv Sunglasses & 3 Free AA Batteries, Purple TaoTronics TT-FL00251 LEDs Uv Blacklight Flashlights, Detects for Dry Pets Urine Stains and Bed Bug, coms with Free Uv Sunglasses plus 3 Free AA Batteries
Ziifullhou Pet Carrier’s Women Sweater, with Puppy or Kitten Pouch, Hoodie and Long Sleeve Plus Size Dress
Rubie’s Pet Wig, Blonde Ponytail, Small or Medium size
Suck UK Cat Cardboard Turntable and DJ Mixer
Puff-N-Fluff Dog Dryer
Unique Petz Pet Treat Launcher
Pooch Selfie Cell Phone Dog Universal Selfie Stick with Tennis Ball
Color Paw Fast-Drying Premium Pet Nail Polish for Dogs

1. TaoTronics Black Light

TaoTronics TT-FL002 Black Light, 51 LEDs Uv Blacklight Flashlights Detector for Dry Pets Urine & Stains & Bed Bug with Free Uv Sunglasses & 3 Free AA Batteries, Purple

Living with a pet is probably not the most sanitary mode of living. But let’s be honest. What’s fun and worthwhile that’s guaranteed to be sanitary? And, if you are worried about phantom stains and messes, this TaoTronics black light is perfect!

Coming with protective eyewear, this UV flashlight boasts 51 durable high-quality LEDs that are sure to last you years (they say up to 15). Whether you need to find urine stains on rugs—or whatever other messes your pet might make—this is sure to reveal it to you.

Just be prepared. Because not all surprises supply warm and fuzzy feelings. Sometimes they have the opposite effect. But, still, it’s better to know than it is not to know. Regardless, this is the only way to keep up with those heightened animal senses.

2. Ziifullhou Women Pet Carrier Sweater

Now, we’ve all heard the stereotypes of cat people. And, while I have to admit seeing a dog pushed in a stroller does conjure something like disgust in me, this is a little easier to stomach. I’m kidding of course. (Kind of.)

Anyway, this woman’s pet carrier is a great gadget every pet owner needs. Whether you have a cat or dog, this is one of the best ways to bring your pet with you out and about.

The pocket may make you feel pregnant with, well, your beloved pet. Which, you know, adds a whole different meaning to the term dog mom or cat mom. Made out of polyester and cotton, this carrier is sure to keep your hands free and provide ample storage for snacks and toys in addition to your furry companion.

Easy to wash and easier to use, this is a great way to bring that four-legged member of your family along for the ride. Wherever that may be. And don’t let anyone tell you any different: you’re not being overbearing—you just can’t contain your love for them!

3. Rubie’s Costume Company Pet Wig

Now, in the interest of total transparency, we should probably lead with this:

We know—we get it—this isn’t exactly a practical gadget. It won’t be something that suddenly comes in handy unless you use your pet as an accomplice to commit a crime and need to dress it in some kind of disguise.

But still—Halloween is an annual thing, so it couldn’t hurt to have a costume ready. Plus, this pet wig with a ponytail could be exactly what your pet needs to glow up this year. Sometimes it takes these kinds of things to really transform someone’s self-esteem.

And that goes for dogs, too. Your pet’s never known elegance and class quite like this.

4. Suck UK Cat Scratching Turntable Toy

If you’re really into cats and really into music, then those two loves will rarely be married quite like this. Plus, let’s be honest, what cat wouldn’t love having this? It’ll translate to hours of fun. Don’t let their demeanors fool you: they want to have fun, too.

Made out of cardboard and a scratching mat, this mixing deck boasts unparalleled ease of self-assembly. And, what’s even better, is this is a great way to keep your cat from destroying your furniture and carpet if that’s a problem you’re having.

Space efficient, this cat toy is easy to store. And, with the right record on (and maybe a few drinks in you), this could provide you with unending entertainment, too. Before you know it, your favorite furry curmudgeon could also be your favorite DJ.

Exercise, entertainment, and aesthetic have never all been packaged into one pet toy quite like this. And we’ve got to admit: we’re here for it.

5. Puff-N-Fluff Dog Dryer

Now, whether you’re dealing with a dog fresh out of a bath or a dog that was exposed to torrential downpour—or whatever the case may be—this puff-n-fluff dog dryer is one of the most useful gadgets to get.

As seen on TV, this great contraption attenuates dog odor while it dries your dog. Perfect to restore them to their pristine condition before their rainy day walk, or even walks in the dead of winter, this is nothing short of a game changer.

Simply ensconce your pup in the suit (though, admittedly, that won’t always be easy) and attach any blow-dryer to the tubes. Then you’ll be ready to safely dry your diminutive companion. And remember: this isn’t just for your pup. It’s for you and your home, too.

Plus, it looks like a sumo suit for pups. Which, you know, is pretty adorable.

6. Unique Petz Pet Treat Launcher

In some ways, this is the analog of a t-shirt launcher for humans. Because there’s not much else that can get us to play fetch like that. But, still, this pet treat launcher is a great gadget to dispense your pet’s favorite, most delectable, treats.

Simply fill it with the treats, and the spring-action trigger propels them over 10 feet away. That renders this an excellent way to synthesize exercise and, well, gluttony. Which I’d imagine most of us can probably relate to on some level.

Small, colorful, and with a wrist trap, this treat launcher is supremely easy to transport, doling out treats has never been this fun for you or your pet. Just make sure there aren’t other dogs in the area. Because that could get, er, contentious to say the least.

7. Pooch Selfie Stick for Cell Phone

People like to document every aspect of their lives these days. With cameras pretty much being ubiquitous entities, it should come as no surprise that no family member is safe from a scourge of selfies. And that includes dogs.

But it’s not always easy to get your dog to sit still or even look in the right direction. It takes coordination, timing, and luck. And even with all three, there are no guarantees. That is until you’ve used this pooch selfie stick for your cell phone.

Made with a ball to engage your pup and get it to look directly at the camera, this accessory is squeezable and has a spring-loaded clip that enables it to attach to all phones and tablets on both front and rear facing cameras.

Easy to attach and easier to remove, this selfie stick is nothing short of a testament to the fact that sometimes, if you want to outsmart a dog, you have to think like a dog. Though that’s not always the most advisable course of action.

8. Color Paw Fast-Drying Pet Nail Polish

Now, this may seem a little over the top. And, just so we’re clear, I get it. That is not a hill I’m willing to die on. But, still, there are plenty of people out there who would simply love getting this pet nail polish to pimp their pups. And more power to them.

Water and chip resistant, this polish will provide long-lasting resplendence to your pup’s vibe. And, if you think your pup is deserving of this kind of ‘pawdicure,’ don’t be surprised when they start walking with their nose up in the air.

You have no one to blame but yourself. But I’d imagine you’d be more proud than anything if you’re considering this kind of thing.

So there you go! The freakiest but all-around coolest gadgets for pet lovers that will make cohabitating a home with them easier and will also turn your pet into something like royalty. Whether you’re doing it for you, your pet, your home, or all three, you can’t go wrong here! So do you both a favor and show them who’s the more thoughtful and generous species. It’s about time we got the recognition we deserved.

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