8 Best Cell Phone Holders for Car in 2021

Cross country or cross town. From home to work or on your next midnight snack run. Your phone is often your most precious and consistent passenger.

And, if you’re wondering, do I need a car cell phone holder? Well, listen:

You wouldn’t let your friends ride shotgun without a seatbelt.

And you wouldn’t let your toddler accompany you without a car seat.

List of Best Cell Phone Holders for Car in 2021

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Aukey-car-phone-mount-360-degree-rotation-dashboard-windshield-cell-phone-holder-921x1024.jpgAUKEY Phone Mount for Car with 360 Degree Rotation Dashboard Windshield [Strong Magnetic]
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is iOttie-iTap-2-wireless-Magnetic-qi-wireless-charging-air-vent-mount-822x1024.jpgiOttie iTap 2 Wireless Magnetic Qi Wireless Charging Air Vent Mount 
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Scosche-mpdb-magic-mount-pro-universal-magnetic-mount-holder.jpgSCOSCHE MPDB MagicMount Pro Universal Magnetic Mount Holder for Mobile Devices
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Belkin-f7u017bt-universal-car-vent-mount-for-smartphones.jpgBelkin F7U017bt Universal Car Vent Mount For Smartphones Up To 5.5 inches with Alignment Frame
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Logitech-trip-one-touch-smartphone-airvent-magnetic-car-mount-989x1024.jpgLogitech +Trip One-Touch Smartphone Airvent Magnetic Car Mount with Trip One-Touch
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Kenu-airframe-pro-vent-car-phone-mount-for-iPhone.jpgKenu Airframe Pro | Android Vent Car Phone Mount & iPhone Car Holder
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Miracase-cell-phone-holder-for-car-windshield-360-rotation.jpgMiracase Cellphone Holder for Car, Upgraded Dashboard and Windshield with 360° Rotation
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Amwanan-car-phone-mount-hands-free-phone-holder-1024x1019.jpgAmwanan Hands-Free Phone Mount for Car, for Dashboard, Windshield and Air Vent with Suction Pad

So why would you let your phone get in the car without a quality car cell phone holder?

Now, more than ever, you simply have no excuse for negligence. You have no excuse for ignorance. And you have no excuse to not allow convenience into your life.

And we get it. You might see car phone accessories and think they’re just another thing to worry about. Or just another thing to buy. But you know the truth:

They’re not just another thing to worry about.

They’re insurance on the only thing worth worrying about.

And that’s your health and your safety.

Because these kinds of tools and car phone accessories keep your attention where it needs to be:

On. The. Road.

And listen—we understand everyone and their mother have recommendations for the best car phone holder in the game. So what sets us apart? Simply put:

1.     This kind of thing is our wheelhouse.

2.     We’ve read all the same lists you have. And honestly? You deserve better.

3.     We care. About your satisfaction. About your safety and well-being. Plain and simple: we care about it all.

Since you’re now convinced, you’re probably asking yourself, What is the best car phone holder ? Well, there’s no easy answer. But you’re in good hands.

We’ve scoured the Internet so you don’t have to. Just sit back. Plan your next road trip. And consider us what we (not-so-humbly) anointed ourselves:

Your Patron Saint of Convenience and Road Safety.

So, without further ado, here are the top 8 cell phone holders for cars in 2021.

Do I Need a Phone Holder for my Car?

This is a fair question. Most people would admit life seems like a long process of accumulating junk. (These are indeed first-world problems.)

And this kind of awareness lends itself to skepticism. But listen:

Cell phone holders for your car aren’t junk. Even when the bloom is off the rose, you’ll be glad it blossomed. Car cell phone mounts are an investment in you.

So if you’re wondering if you need a car mount phone holder, the answer isn’t easy. But it’s also not difficult:

Yes. A million times yes. The only question you should have is which cell phone car mounts to get.

And, lucky for you, we have that part covered with a comprehensive list of the premier cell phone mounts for any car. So let’s get into it, shall we?

Buckle up and enjoy the ride!

1. AUKEY Phone Mount for Car Dashboard 

This AUKEY car phone mount is one of the premier car phone accessories available. Partially, because it’s so adjustable. It adapts to accommodate you. It’s as great a phone holder for your car dashboard as it is for your windshield.

As far as car cell phone mounts go, you won’t find one with better vantages. It can rotate 360 degrees. Plus, it attaches securely to any flat surface. And it even comes with a sticker for uncooperative, curved surfaces.

What’s more is it’s as easy to set up as it is to use. This car phone holder is magnetic. Which means this phone mount for your dashboard (or wherever) will hold your phone securely in place without requiring any extra space or effort.

Lastly, this phone holder for your car matches any interior. It’s gray, and unless you’re into some, uh, freaky stuff, this should fit fine. This is sure to keep your eyes on the road and your phone suspended at your fingertips.

2. iOttie iTap 2 Wireless Charging Air Vent Smartphone Mount for Car

We simply cannot rave enough about this iOttie iTap car phone holder for your vent. It’s more than just a car phone mount that’s magnetic and attaches to your air vent. It charges your phone while holding it in place. Where I’m from, that’s called love.

This car phone holder has magnetic earth magnets that are strong and sure to hold your phone securely. It comes with an alignment guide to help find the perfect place for this new member of your tech family.

Plus, these cell phone mounts for your car are almost too easy to attach to your vent. Simply clip it on. If this sounds like magic, that’s because it pretty much is.

This car mount phone holder is everything you need and more. It’s a charger and phone stand. It even has a USB car charger and port. Though it should be noted thicker cases are not ideal. Plus, its vent position means it won’t obstruct your view.

Oh, and how can we forget to mention the size?

I guess that’s because we didn’t even notice it.

(See what I did there?)

3. SCOSCHE MagicMount Phone Mount for Car Dashboard

This SCOSCHE MPDB MagicMount is one of the premier phone holders for your car dashboard. And it’s easy to see why. In an industry dominated by arms and angles, this is a different, top-tier car phone holder.

While this phone mount is perfect for your car dashboard, that’s not the full scope of its potential. It mounts securely and easily to any flat surface. That means in your car. At home. Or even at the office. This thing is a real renaissance accessory. It can do it all.

Plus, it has a magnetic mount. With 30% stronger magnets, you can rest assured your phone’s in good hands. This alone makes it an upper echelon phone holder for your car on Amazon. And any other store, for that matter.

You can even customize the mount. This is the kind of cell phone stand your phone needs. This is the kind of cell phone stand your car needs. This is the kind of cell phone stand you deserve.

4. Belkin Universal Car Vent Mount for Smartphones

Vents sometimes feel like the most neglected component of the car. They’re often rendered an afterthought. But these Belkin car phone holders for a car vent are reinventing what the car vent can be. They securely mount onto all air vents.

Plus, you can rotate this awesome car mount to achieve both portrait and landscape views. The matted surface and clamp grips your device securely. And being attached to your vent keeps it squarely within reach.

It’s compatible with most smartphones. It’s truly a great value for a phone holder for your car from Amazon. Its color and sleek design make this a seamless, fitting addition to any car. And that means yours.

5. Logitech Airvent Magnetic Phone Mount for Car

This Logitech car phone mount—that’s also magnetic—for your air vent is one of the best phone mounts for your vehicle. It mounts onto any vent. And its location means your device will always be visible and accessible.

Its design is compact and minimalist. It has a polished chrome grip and molded teeth to anchor onto vents. And, of course, it’s magnetic, meaning it immediately and effortlessly secures your phone.

And, let’s be honest, immediate and effortless are all we ask for these days.

Lastly, installation is super easy. And it’s perfectly compatible with all kinds of smartphones with any kind of case. So, if you’re looking for an understated smartphone holder for your car, this is exactly what you want.

6. Kenu Airframe Pro Phone Holder for Car

When other phone holders went left, this Kenu Airframe went right. This is more than just another smartphone mount for your car vent. By now, it should be evident. But I’ll spell it out: it’ll be accessible, visible, but out of the way.

Plus, it can rotate 360 degrees. This enables landscape mode and portrait mode. The grip holds your phone tightly and securely. It’s made to accommodate larger devices—the grip’s jaw is spring-loaded and expandable. So it supports tablets too.

It’s truly one-of-a-kind in its adjustability. But it also collapses down to being pocket sized. Which means it’s basically the best of both worlds. It’s so easy to transport you might forget you even have it.

Last but not least, it supports every kind of smartphone. You name it. iPhone? Done. Android? Easy. Huawei? LOL. You get the picture. So, if you’d like flexibility, this is the smartphone holder for your car you need.

7. Miracase Cell Phone Holder for Car

There are two kinds of people in the world. And you have to ask yourself:

Are you a dashboard person?


Are you a vent person?

If you subscribe to the former, you’re in luck with this awesome Miracase smartphone holder. What’s awesome about it is that it attaches to both the dashboard and windshield with ease. It can support up to 4.15 kg.

Plus, it has a great quick release on the back. This enables you to quickly slide open and remove your sell phone. It’s simple to operate. And, of course, its arm allows you to keep your phone out of your way and enables myriad angles and positions.

It’s worth noting this holder is compatible with most conventional cell phones. So, unless you’re using something super funky, compatibility won’t be an issue. This holder, like, doesn’t see brands, man.

8. Amwanan Car Phone Mount

If you’re looking for something more, well, industrial, this is your soul mate. Because some people have, like, a vibe about them. From the car they drive to the (can you even call it this?) music blaring from their speakers.

Nonetheless, this awesome Amwanan smartphone mount for your car is perfect for just about anybody. It can acclimate to any environment. It fits perfectly on your windshield, air vent, dashboard, or even your desktop.

It’s compatible with pretty much all phones. It has top-grade suction. It’ll hold your phone securely through twists, turns, bumps, and near death experiences. (Or is that last one just me?) Its adjustable viewing angle is 360 degrees. (That’s 100/100, right?)

With two clamps and a hook, it’s sure to hold your phone like it just settled into Rigor Mortis. Plus, its arm is expandable and collapsible. This is a phone engineered for rough passages. You can count on it like you can count on us.

What is the Best Car Phone Holder for Me?

This isn’t something we can answer. The only person who can answer it is you.

Ask yourself:

Where do you prefer your phone? What kind of driver are you? What kind of devices do you need it to support? These questions are essential to ask when making this decision. It’s not one you want to take lightly.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us. And, if this search has revealed a deficit of phone support, check out our list of the best cell phone stands for desk for more suggestions.

We want to keep your phone safe. It’s sometimes the only passenger you can rely on to come through for you. So we reckon it’s only fair that you come through for it. Support shouldn’t be a one-way street.

Unless your phone’s with you and you’re headed the same way.

Then I guess it can be.

But now we’re just arguing semantics.

Anyway, until next time! This is your Patron Saint of Convenience and Road Safety, signing off.

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