You decide to work out. And at first, it’s good. Any motion helps, and you can feel your body being reborn. It’s what you started for. But, after a while, things change. You’re in better shape. It takes more to see changes.

After a while, you don’t know if you’re running enough. You know distance and calories matter. You and I both know, that to enhance your workout and keep you safe out in the wild, a quality smartwatch for fitness is practically essential.

And I know what you’re thinking. You’ve read countless other lists by countless other people who all claim to be authorities. We traffic in technology, and we just so happen to be active people ourselves who use these kinds of devices.

So, without further ado, here are the best smartwatches for hiking, running, and for fitness in general, in 2022.

1. G-Shock Rangeman GW-9400

Casio Rangeman GW-9400 digital watch

If you’re planning to disappear into the wilderness and go on long excursions, this might be just what you need. Because, like you, this watch is a survivor.

First of all, it’s solar-powered. Also, it has multiple displays for you, it’s stainless steel, and it has a protective mineral crystal window. So it’s durable. Lastly, it has a day/date/month calendar, and to top it all off, it’s also water-resistant to 660 feet. So, should your adventures take a dive, you’ll be more than prepared.

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2. Garmin 010-01689-00 Forerunner

Garmin smart-watch forerunner 35 waterproof

Well, this watch perfectly suited for just running. First of all, it has a GPS system that allows you to track your route, speed, and distance. These are essential metrics to truly gauge your progress.

Plus, it’s one of the best smartwatches for the iPhone and for Android phones (compatible with both). It allows notifications live tracking, and music controls.

And, this watch tracks your steps, calories, “intensity minutes,” and even reminds you to move. Which, you know, we could all use sometimes; the couch has a tendency to swallow some of us.

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3. Fossil Gen 5

Fossil Gen 5 carlyle watch for health and fitness

Perfect for your iPhone and Android phone, this amazing watch has unreal battery life (over 24 hours) while also preserving your life with its heart rate and activity tracking function. You can even personalize the watch face by choosing between thousands until you find the perfect one, and there are no limits to the applications you may put on your smartwatch.

It’s swim proof, and with a sub-hour charge time, you’ll be able to replenish its battery and reenter all those activities after a short rest. If you need a break, that is.

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4. Fitbit Versa 3

Fitbit versa 3 gps without phone

More than just a watch, this wearable coach can provide step-by-step workouts while playing any of the 300 plus songs it’s capable of storing. With its built-in GPS, it tracks your distance, pace, routes while providing pure, pulse continuous heart rate tracking.

Plus, it’s also one of the best smartwatches for your iPhone and one of the best smartwatches for Android phones, as well as for your Mac, because it’s compatible with all three (I like to think of them as the holy trinity).

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5. Withing Steel HR Sport Hybrid Smartwatch

Withings steel hr smartwatch cycling swimming waterproof

Designed to look just as good with your favorite suit as it does with your workout attire, this watch is sure to maximize your workouts.

Firstly, it tracks your heart rate and provides in-depth reporting while mapping your runs. Whether 50 meters underwater or sunk into fathoms of sleep, this watch will dote on you like your own mother. You can also set smart notifications on this long-lasting device—seriously, the battery may last 25 days on a single charge. Some of us can’t even think 25 days ahead.

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6. Suunto Traverse Alpha

Suunto Traverse Alpha watch for fishing hiking

This is for the true explorers. Those pioneers of our day. With durable, water repellent nylon scratch and scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass, this rugged watch will track your coordinates, and is ideal for those who tie hunting into their hiking excursions.

Never get lost again with this built-in GPS and its breadcrumb trail. Plus, you’ve never seen a watch look like this and still while still supporting iOS and Android. But here we are. Whether tracking the moon or temperature, it provides everything you need to give you an edge on Mother Nature.

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7. POLAR Grit X

Polar Grit X watch outdoor ultra long battery life

This lightweight military-grade watch can endure extreme temperatures and extreme water pressure, and for an extraordinarily long period of time, too. It detects uphill and downhill stats while helping you stay energized throughout workouts. Built-in, it comes with: A GPS, a compass,an altimeter.

And, most significantly, it serves as an excellent guide when you’re weathering the elements, as it offers turn-by-turn route guidance. This watch will keep you safe, healthy, and most importantly, ready for anything the world throws at you.

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8. Suunto 7

Suunto 7 sport watch for men outdoors

Compatible with Android and iOS phones, this watch can do it all: It can notify you of calls and messages. It can make payments. And it can link to your favorite sports apps and services.

Plus, who needs a gym with this watch? It allows you access to sports communities and analysis and tips like your personal trainer. Ultra-durable, this watch will track your daily life, from training to recovery time. This brand was founded in 1936—so they have some cachet, and they definitely know how to provide a quality product.

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9. Suunto 9

Suunto 9 GPS sport watch

Athletes who hold themselves to unearthly standards, rejoice! This is what you’ve been waiting for. This water-resistant watch has GPS capability and is best suited for every jog and every extreme excursion—from running to hiking, to cycling.

Compatible with your favorite sports apps, this watch will immerse you in sports communities while giving you the tough love that every competitor and athlete requires. With a smart, simple display, you’ll never need another watch again.

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10. HUAWEI Watch GT 2e

Huawei smartwatch GT bluetooth GPS

Believe me, this stylish smartwatch is sure to complement any outfit. With a sleek 3-inch OLED screen, it’s easy to see your phone notifications on the watch without taking out your phone. Now with 14 days of battery life, you can track your fitness progress for longer with less concern about charging up every day.

Live your active life to the fullest with this smartwatch that tracks your heart rate, calories burned, steps taken, distance traveled and more. So you can see how your fitness level is improving over time. This is more than a smartwatch.

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What smartwatch is best for you? Well, honestly, that’s like asking us what meal is best for you. Only you know what you need and what you don’t need.

So, from amzideas to our impressively active readers, we bid you adieu.

Don’t get lost out there.

But, most importantly, give yourself a break sometimes. You deserve it.

Oh, and a cheat day—never forget to give yourself a cheat day!